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Vacuum suction cups
Jekko GVI 4+2 LX

Vacuum suction cups for lifting, carrying and assembling glass and other loads.

The GVI series vacuum suction cups are professional accessories for mini cranes and lifting equipment. The suction cups are equipped with independent controls, a built-in battery and safety devices. They are used for fast and safe handling of glass panes and flat panels. They are used in combination with any machine equipped with a hook lifting system.

Designed for anchoring glass facades from the outside, inside and from the roof, in industrial or storage halls and everywhere where you want to quickly and safely install and handle large-area glass, glass elements, or other panels and tables with various adhesive surfaces.

 Suction cups with diam. 300mm
 Device weight in kg
 100, 106, 116, 126
 Vacuum system
 Tilting manually
 Rotatio manually 360°
 Operating time
 approx. 8 hours
 Operating temperature
 +0°C to +40°C
 Drive battery 12V
 remote radio controller

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