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Tracked carriers
Multi Loader 2.5 Performance

The tracked loader with innovative bi-levelling system and capacity up to 2500 kg.

Thanks to the use of an innovative battery with a motor generator, the powerful version of the Multi Loader 2.5 Performance crawler loader is powerfully capable of carrying various loads weighing up to 2500kg.

In addition, bi-levelling technology can simplify operations in a variety of environments. Its design was commissioned by a team of experts who worked with passion and passion to create a crawler loader that offers the ability to manipulate various elements such as glass, construction equipment, as well as windows, doors and many other items.

By choosing it, you will get benefits such as, for example, the following ones:

  • High working time (10 hours)
  • Constantly horizontal loading platform thanks to the Dynamic Leveling technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extremely quiet
 Max Capacity
 2.500 kg
 Max working height
 0,74 m
 Min Width
 1,46 m
 Max Width
 1,64 m
 Dynamic levelling
 Battery autonomy
 10 hours
 Power (electric engine)
 48V – 3kW or 110V-1,9kW
 Battery pack
 AGM n°8 180Ah 48V
 Battery charger
 n°2 20Ah 48V
 Recharging time
 5 hours
 Remote radiocontroller
 Longitudinal levelling Front
 Longitudinal levelling Rear
 Lateral levelling
 +/- 14°
 Electric pump (option)
 Hydraulic commands
 Direction-Control System Yes
 Easy-Drive System
 Kit for high speed
 max 2.20 km/h
 Control of inclination
 Side slope
 2,40 m
 Total weight
 1 800 kg

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