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Telescopic boom lifts
Jibbi U-1570 EVO

Tracked platform with ultralight telescopic boom.

The JIBBI U-1570 EVO is an ultralight telescopic crawler platform that can be used to perform work at heights of up to 15.40 meters.

The ultralight crawler platform boom made of a special aluminum alloy allows for a robust but lightweight structure. The total weight of less than 2,900 kg allows easy transport of this machine with a standard trailer.

It uses Dynamic and Pro-Active Leveling automatic leveling systems, which work by compensating for slopes up to 22° (40%) when moving in transport conditions, as well as "driving at height" for automatic self-leveling of the machine.

The compact size in combination with the variable width of the chassis (operating configurations: 1.35 m, 1.90 m, 2.15 and 2.45 m) and the basket designed to remain in the same dimensional width of the machine, allow easy use and movement even in narrow working spaces.

The JIBBI U-1570 EVO platform can also be monitored using the My Almac panel for remote management of machine settings.

In addition to the advantages described above, the JIBBI U-1570 EVO offers :

  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system
  • Single joystick control
  • Cable brackets from AUTEC
  • Combined leveling up to 22 °

Available equipment :

  • Electric pump 220V-2,2Kw / 50Hz (weight +30 Kg)
  • Remote control kit with rechargeable battery
  • A set of Arctic lubricants for cold climates
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system
  • Non-marking tracks
Max working height
15,4 m
Max height basket floor
13,4 m
Moving height
9,5 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg)
8,4 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg)
7,4 m
Max outreach (load 230 kg)
6,1 m
Max outreach (load 250 kg)
5,8 m
Rotation angle
Basket size
1,40 x 0,70 m
Basket rotation angle
+/- 90°
Max basket capacity
250 kg
Length in stowed position (with detached basket)
5,8 m
Min width in stowed position
1,35 m
Max working width
2,45 m
Min height in stowed position
1,99 m
Longitudinal leveling
+/- 15°
Lateral leveling
+/- 15°
Max gradeability25°
Max side greadeability
Drive speed (fast)
2,50 km/h
Security speed
0,40 km/h
Traffic load
3,86 KN/m2
Total weight
2880 kg
Yanmar engine (diesel) 14kW – 19,2Hp

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