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Telescopic boom lifts
Jibbi 1270 EVO

Tracked platform with telescopic arm and Yanmar engine.

The machine is equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine with 3 cylinders (14.1 kW - 19.2 hp) and is able to reach a working height of 12.2 m. Thanks to the dynamic and automatic leveling system with which it is equipped, this machine offers advantages in terms of safety and operation.

Benefits and features
The lift is in fact characterized by a front reach of 8 meters and a lateral reach of 7 meters, as well as a crawler chassis with variable track gauge, which can be retracted from 1.95 m to 1.15 m. On the other hand, the basket offers a maximum capacity of 230 kg (2 people) and its size is 1.8 x 0.7 m with a rotation angle of +/- 70 °. Its main advantages also include :

  • Possibility of operation on uneven terrain or on steep slopes up to 22 ° (40%)
  • Ease and versatility of use
  • Removable basket
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system to protect operators in the basket, which serves as a barrier against compression on both sides of the basket (top and bottom)
  • DWP - Dynamic working power of the machine based on operating conditions and location
  • Safe-Lock system that prevents the belt from escaping from the tension wheels (based on a patent application)

Available equipment :

  • Non-tagging browser
  • Electric pump 220V-2.2Kw / 50Hz
  • Radio remote control set
  • A set of lubricants for the Arctic climate
  • 200 kg winch set
Max working height
12,2 m
Max height basket floor
10,2 m
Moving height
8,0 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg)
7,0 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg)
5,4 m
Rotation angle
Basket size
1,40 x 0,70 m
Basket rotation angle
+/- 70°
Max basket capacity
230 kg
Length in stowed position (with detached basket)
3,70 (3,0) m
Min width in stowed position
1,15 m
Max working width
1,95 m
Min height in stowed position
1,98 m
Longitudinal leveling
+/- 15°
Lateral leveling
+/- 15°
Max gradeability25°
Max side greadeability
Drive speed (fast)
2,50 km/h
Security speed
0,30 km/h
Traffic load
3,89 KN/m2
Total weight
2910 kg
Lithium battery pack 300Ah-48V

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