Reconstruction of an apartment building


Make your work easier with a mini crane or other handling equipment

Prefabricated buildings or apartment buildings can serve without problems for decades. Nevertheless, from time to time they need to be reconstructed. Whether it's glazing balconies, insulating or replacing front doors - sooner or later certain work and interventions are necessary. The course of any reconstruction in a panel house, despite the great result, is an annoying matter for apartment owners. In addition to unpleasant noise or dust, the expected reconstruction time also tends to be extended. However, skillful helpers in the form of mini-cranes, transport trucks and other handling equipment can simplify the entire process and reduce time.

These handy machines have a very wide use in the reconstruction of an apartment building in :

  • glazing of balconies
  • anchoring of glass facades
  • panel installation
  • lifting and moving heavy and bulky loads
  • repairs in hard-to-reach places
  • installation of air conditioning or solar panels
  • facade repairs
  • insulation and other

Our handling machines have a wide range of applications. You will appreciate mini cranes and other lifting machines especially in confined spaces and when reconstructing those places that have limited access. When vacuuming glass panes, special vacuum suction cups and manipulators are useful. You will discover the importance of transport trucks when moving heavy or bulky material and reducing physical effort.