Possibilities of use minicranes


Do you know how using mini cranes on a construction site can help you?

When building a house, any structure, but also various reconstructions, the handling of heavy or bulky loads is an integral part of the work. No matter how many helpers you have available, it is always a demanding job, which can result in the destruction of material and, in the worst case, health problems.

But how about replacing your own hands with a handy mini crane?

The mini-crane has its application wherever a manipulator or a loading crane would be too expensive for a minimum amount of work, but handling with bare hands would be difficult, sometimes even impossible.

Why rely on a mini crane ?
You will appreciate mini cranes and various lifting machines especially in confined spaces and everywhere where access and a number of obstacles are very limited. When building your own house. Thanks to the practicality of mini cranes, you don't have to deal with uncovering the roof, dismantling it, blocking traffic or searching for enough space, which is needed to stabilize a classic large crane. You will appreciate crawler mini cranes when working on steep slopes, hard-to-reach places and muddy slopes. Mini cranes are very practical for transport and relocation. The folded mini crane can easily pass through a standard 80 cm wide door. It will only be decomposed inside and used as needed. For work in the interior, the connection to the electrical network is used, which ensures quiet operation without emissions. Where can we use a mini crane?

Mini cranes for handling glass elements
Thanks to special suction cups and JEKKO manipulators, the mini crane is an excellent helper, for example, when anchoring glass facades from the outside and inside or glazing balconies.

On construction sites
When building wooden and steel structures, formwork, glazing, installation of balconies, modification of facades, but also for roofing, installation of swimming pools and any reconstruction of high-rise buildings, houses or gardens.

In industry
When lifting, handling and installing heavy or bulky loads. For moving, maintenance and service of production lines, individual machines and devices, as well as pipes and power plants.

In the interior
Thanks to the rubber belts and suitable weight distribution, the mini-cranes can easily move on the floor and tiles in museums, shopping centers, exhibition halls, hospitals and other types of interiors.

And everywhere as needed :

  • confined spaces
  • narrow streets, pedestrian zones
  • roads and railways, bridges
  • steep slopes and muddy terrain