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Winlet Lasius 1T

It has a load capacity of 1,000 kg and an ultra-compact chassis with a total width of only 88 cm.

The Winlet Lasius range gives traditional crane and handling solutions tough competition. Large capacity and unique performance means savings in time and invested capital. The Winlet Lasius 1t is an extreme flexible solution in one compact machine.

Compact design
Winlet Lasius 1t is ideal for entrepreneurs, industrial companies and at building sites where the compact design of the machine is far superior to other solutions on the market. The compact design makes the machine accessible in areas where other machines can’t go because of size, weight, too high a ground pressure, too large a turning radius or a lack of lifting capacity during driving.

The speed limit on the Winlet Lasius 1t is 4,2 km/t – twice as fast as a tracked mini crane. In addition, it does not need support wheels like most mini cranes.

For both indoor and outdoor use
Winlet Lasius 1t can get around on steady ground both indoors and outdoors. Because it is battery powered, there is zero harmful exhaust gasses which means it can be used indoor without any environmental challenges.

Winlet Lasius 1t is ideal for :

  • Erecting steel beams and other building elements
  • Glass and façade installation
  • Machine assembly
  • Repair work
  • Packing of non-palletized goods in containers
Max capacity
1000 kg
Max lifting height
4000 mm
Total weight excl. counterweights
1050 kg
Total weight incl. counterweights
1325 kg
External width
880 mm
External length
2500 mm
2 x 150 Ah

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