Winlet 600

Winlet 600

The Winlet 600 combines excellent load capacity and reach in a compact design. A lighter model with high lifting capacity.

With a load capacity of 600 kg. the Winlet 600 glass lift is designed to handle heavier windows and sheet glass in the building industry. Like the Winlet 350 glass lift, the Winlet 600 has 4 hydraulic functions and a vacuum swivel. Operators will be able to work more efficiently, leading to fewer injuries and faster assembly.

The obvious choice

The unique adjustment options for the suction cups and the linear movements at the front end make the Winlet 600 glass lift an obvious choice for the installation of glass components, where precision is important while enabling items of up to 600 kg to be handled without back strain. The powerful wheel drive makes Winlet 600 window lifts ideal not only indoors but also on outdoor terrain.

Max capacity
600 kg
Max capacity (at max extension)
300 kg
Max capacity on side
300 kg
Total weight excl. counterweights
865 kg
Total weight incl. counterweights
1060 kg
External width
860 mm
External length
1580 mm
External height
1550 mm
Min/max extension (front bumper to suction cup)
600/1300 mm
Max lifting height (to center of lifting yoke)
3300 mm
Manual side offset
90 mm
Fine lift on arm
190 mm
Tilt function
Manual rotation
Suction cups
4 x 385 mm Ø
2 x 95 Ah

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