Winlet 400

Winlet 400

The Winlet 400 robot represents a revolution in glass installations with a capacity of up to 400 kg.

Increased capacity with unrivalled compact design

The Winlet 400 is one of the latest models. A maximum capacity of 400kg and the ability to lift loads over 3.5m directly overhead makes this a powerful glass installation machine. Yet it remains highly compact and manoeuvrable, making glass lifting easy.
At just 850kg with counterweights, the Winlet 400 glazing robot is light enough to be carried in small construction hoists and even public passenger lifts if glass needs to be replaced as part of building maintenance.

The options in the Winlet 400 series
The abbreviations in the product name of the individual Winlet 400 tell you which configurations the specific model consists of.

Choose between :
CL (Compact Lifter) = Narrow wheel sets
TL (Terrain Lifter) = Wide wheel sets
SHB (Single Hydraulic Boom) = Single extension of lifting arm
DHB (Double Hydraulic Boom) = Double extension of lifting arm
MAC (Multi Axis Control) = Operation with stepwise control of several hydraulic functions simultaneously
PSAC (Proportional Single Axis Control) = Operation with stepless control of a single hydraulic function at a time

Choose between compact or wide wheel sets (CL / TL)
All Winlet 400 window lifters are available with either narrow or wide wheels. If narrow wheels are chosen, a compact machine is obtained, which can easily get around where space is tight and is therefore ideal for indoor installations.
If, on the other hand, the larger and wider set of wheels is chosen, a stable machine is obtained, which works well outdoors in diverse terrain.

Single extension or double extension of lifting arm (SHB / DHB)
Choose between a single extension (1 x 500 mm) of the lifting arm for greater lifting capacity or select double extension (2 x 500 mm) for extra reach. Both single and double extensions are of course hydraulic and can be extended with load in the suction cups. This means that it is not necessary to manually pull out the arm before starting the lift, as seen on many other window lifters on the market.

Two types of fronts on your window lifter (HV / HS)
You can choose between two types of fronts on the Winlet 400 window lifts. The first is with hydraulic 100% linear movements up / down and manual linear movements from side to side.
Alternatively, you can choose a front exclusively with hydraulic side shift - of course 100% linear movements which is crucial when installing with millimeter precision.

Operations with optimal control of window lifts (MAC / PSAC)
As something completely new and exciting, we have developed a completely new service. It is called MAC (Multi Axis Control) operation and as the name suggests, it can be used to operate several different hydraulic functions at once. Three preset speed steps (10% - 50% - 100%) ensure that you have the opportunity to take advantage of the higher speed, which is only available with 100% hydraulic machines.

Of course, the Winlet 400 can still be delivered with the well-known Winlet control, where you select the individual cylinder you want to move and then control the speed 100% proportionally with millimeter precision.

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