Winlet 350TH

Winlet 350TH

The Winlet 350TH is designed to fit most telescopic handlers, providing an excellent solution.

The Winlet 350TH glazing robot allows Winlet’s glass manipulation performance to be combined with the lifting capability of a telehandler. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 350 kg and is ideal for installing glass at height or where ground conditions are particularly difficult.
The glazing robot is operated with a cabled remote control. The Winlet 350TH avoids the need for more costly, slower or complex lifting and installation processes.

Max capacity
350 kg
Max capacity on side
200 kg
External width
840 mm
External length
1690 mm
External height
1150 mm
Min/max extension (front bumper to suction cup)
290/790 mm
Max lifting height (to center of lifting yoke)
2700 mm
Lifting fork height
70 mm
Lifting fork width
150 mm
Centre Distance (between lifting forks)
640 mm
Manual side offset
100 mm
Fine lift on arm
500 mm
Tilt function
Manual rotation
Suction cups
4 x 270mm Ø
2 x 95Ah

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