Effective ways to transport and materials handling


Do you know these effective ways to transport and handle loads or material on a construction site?

The basis of a fast and high-quality construction is a sufficiently prepared and equipped construction site. This means ensuring the right conditions for carrying out construction work, transporting and storing material, as well as, for example, sanitary facilities. An important part of site preparation is not only to ensure sufficient necessary material, but also to move it around the site and manipulate it.

Vertical and horizontal material transfer with mini cranes and transport trucks

You can ensure the vertical transport of material with handy mini-cranes, which can reach even hard-to-reach places and can move even in confined spaces. Thanks to special vacuum suction cups and manipulators, you can move and fasten various glass panes and other glass elements.

Advantages of mini cranes on site

Crawler mini cranes can handle work and move (not only) on muddy terrain, steep slopes or hard-to-reach places. Thanks to this, they can make work much easier, more efficient, faster and, in fact, cheaper.

Transport trolleys (not only) for higher efficiency but especially for higher safety

For horizontal transport of any material (stone, glass, wood or plasterboard) on the construction site, you will appreciate transport trucks with a compact construction, thanks to which they can transport material or other bulky bodies where other machines cannot get. By using handy machines, you will increase work efficiency on the construction site and you can also reduce the physical effort of workers. Whether it's a mini crane or a transport truck, they can be operated by a single operator and used to move loads weighing up to 1.5 tons.