Did you know that the possibility of injury can reduce the use of transport trucks ?


One of the most important challenges on any construction site is the issue of worker safety. Even if all rules of safety and protection at work are observed, an accident is always possible. Therefore, no extra action is unnecessary.

Transport trucks and safety on site
You will appreciate transport trucks on the construction site when transporting any building material, be it stone, glass, wood or plasterboard. Thanks to their compact design, they can transport the material even where other machines do not have access.When using conventional material trucks, there is an increased risk of injury to the worker as they are labor intensive. With ErgoMover transport trucks, a single operator can lift and move any load up to 1.5 tons.


The use of transport trucks not only increases work efficiency, but also reduces the physical effort of workers and the risk of injury when handling loads of different weights and dimensions.

Advantages of transport trucks :

  • load capacity up to 1.5 t
  • emission-free silent battery
  • steering of all 4 wheels
  • easy maneuvering in confined spaces
  • fast and easy movement
  • drive safety fuse
  • less manual handling