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Transport trolleys
ErgoMover Wireless

Transport trolley with remote control.

The ErgoMover Wireless does not have a draw bar and control handle that can limit the length of the load being carried. Instead steering and flatbed lifting is operated with a wireless remote control. All ErgoMover trolleys have a minimum width of just 700mm.

With the ErgoMover Wireless transport trolley with remote control, you can transport long objects, such as pipes and beams weighing up to 1500kg, more easily.

Lifting capacity 1500kg
Length (without handle) 1610mm
Transport loads up-to (in length) 3000mm
Minimum load bed width 698mm
Max load bed width 790mm
Height 565mm
Weight 311kg
Voltage 24v
Max. driving speed 0-6 km/h
On board battery charger 110V
Tyres Foam filled puncture proof

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