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ErgoMover Lift & Go

ErgoMover Lift & Go is an electric battery powered transport trolley with hydraulic lift of the flat bed.

The ERGOMOVER Lift & Go is developed to replace the manual plasterboard carriers by assisting in manual heavy lifting tasks and optimising the handling of plasterboards and other building materials.

The truck can transport and lift an impressive 1500kg. It has a powerful electric motor and all-wheel drive and is suitable for off-road and construction. ERGOMOVER Lift & Go is able to raise the flat bed of 150 mm, which is ideal, for example, the location of plasterboard on the stand.

The ErgoMover Lift & Go is equipped with an ergonomical and userfriendly handle with built-in safety functions which lives up to the most strict safety norms. The center button makes sure the operator is not caught between machine and the wall. Fall arrest device will bring the machine to a com-plete stop when you let go of the handle. The ErgoMover Go is also equipped with a built-in charger, two joists, four material supports and a parking bracket.

Lifting capacity 1500kg
Length (without handle) 1680mm
Length (with handle down) 2800mm
Transport loads up-to (in length) 3000mm
Minimum load bed width 698mm
Max load bed width 790mm
Min. height 565mm
Min. height w. rotatable platform 610mm
Max. height 715mm
Height w. material supports down +40mm
Height w. material supports up +60mm
Weight 311kg
Voltage 24v
Max. driving speed 0-6 km/h

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