Balcony glazing and the necessary equipment


The glazing of balconies and loggias is not possible without the necessary equipment, so whatever you have sufficient DIY skills, it is necessary to leave it to the experts. The company will take care of the exact focus, tailor-made production and especially the assembly itself. Thanks to the handling and lifting technique, the whole procedure does not take more than a few hours. So let's take a look at what machines are needed for glazing balconies and you probably don't have them hidden in your garage. Glass manipulators and vacuum suction cups are particularly important for glazing balconies, which are used wherever it is necessary to handle glass elements, large-area glass, as well as other panels with a sufficiently adhesive surface.

Vacuum suction cups for glass

Vacuum suction cups for glass are used in cooperation with mini cranes and other lifting equipment. Thanks to the built-in battery, independent control and safety devices, they are used for safe and at the same time fast handling of panels and glass panels. Vacuum suction cups are placed on the hook of any lifting machine. The choice of suction cups depends on the required lifting capacity.

Manipulators for glass panels

Another additional device for mini cranes and lifting machines, which is needed for glazing balconies, are the so-called manipulators. These are placed at the end of the crane jib and are connected on an electronic or hydraulic basis. Manipulators are of great importance for absolutely precise and safe handling of glass panes, surfaces with glazed facades or shop windows and their installation. To achieve the best results, it is advisable to combine manipulators with compact mini-cranes, thanks to which the work will be faster and more efficient. Only one operator is needed to control and precisely place the glass in the required place.

The movement is then controlled remotely via radio control. The operator is thus able to ensure completely accurate movement in four possible directions, including rotation and inclinations. The combination of vacuum suction cups and manipulators makes the compact crane a difficult-to-replace machine for large-area glass glazing.

But we can also use them for:

  • assembly of variously shaped glass panes and other elements
  • glazing of balconies in tall apartment buildings
  • installation of expositions in exhibition halls and museums
  • shop window glazing
  • assembly of billboards in shopping centers
  • installation of balconies
  • dismantling the building
  • assembly of steel beams, bridges, pipes